Greenence Necklace

Greenence Necklace

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We all deserve a something to make us happy now and then, right? So go ahead, grab yourself a FREE Greenence Necklace and bring yourself some happiness, as well as supporting an incredible cause, and helping the planet. Yep, for every necklace claimed we will donate funds to reforesting charities!

But, why would you give this beautiful item away for FREE?

Well, we're celebrating! We are a new store, and since our launch we have managed to bring joy to so many customers with our products, but we thought, what else can we do to help get our store noticed? And that's when we cracked it, give away an item for free, and donate to charity for every item given away! So here we are, giving away that free item today!

All we ask is that you help us cover the shipping cost, unfortunately our courier services don't feel the same love as we do, and they would still like paying for their services!

FREE today, but will it be free tomorrow? It all depends on the stock!

For every order placed a donation will be made to a reforesting charity.


 More stock will be added in April. 

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